We provide a professional and effective assessment, therapy and training service specialising in neurodiverse conditions including ADHD and Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) for people of all ages. We believe our testimonials speak volumes

“We had a very 'human' and sensitive experience with Autism Unravelled. The time taken to explain the positive aspects of ASC as part of the assessment process for our daughter was hugely helpful to us all. There was also consideration of the pace with which information was shared. We never at any point felt rushed to understand which greatly assisted in minimising overwhelm for us all...”

“I am a SENCO in a North London primary school and have been working with a family who has recently received an ASC diagnosis from Autism Unravelled this year. I thought your report was very through and the family told me that the support, clarity and professionalism Autism Unravelled offered during the process was second to none. I was very drawn to your strengths-based approach to assessing a young person and your reference to Neurodiversity.”

“Very professional, understanding and listened to my concerns and gave me the info to help. My son is doing a lot better since he had this diagnosis, he has a better understanding of himself. They made him feel relaxed and we felt heard as a family.”

“Louise and Rebecca provide a fantastic service - they are both very engaging and quickly put families at ease, even my 3-year-old who had never met them before. They took the time to work through specific issues with us and offered practical advice and strategies that have made a huge difference to our day-to-day life managing an autistic child. Highly recommended for assessment, therapy and general moral support!”

“Louise and Rebecca were amazing. They held my hand tightly from day one. I'm an adult who found out that is in the autism spectrum at the age of 32. It was/is a quite intense revelation and I'm so glad that I found them to cross this bridge. The support was amazing, and I felt seen all the time. I couldn't recommend more. It's a new life for me, thanks for being there”.

“It was a great experience and was incredibly friendly. It was less stressful than I had originally thought and was good overall.”

“A very thoughtful, sensitive and supportive service. I had a strong sense of the practitioner's expertise and professional experience. Thank you so much.”

“Our experience of the service provided by Autism Unravelled was wonderful. Rebecca and Louise were knowledgeable, understanding and supportive in diagnosing our daughter with autism. Our teenage daughter received a sensitive and thoughtful report clearly outlining her diagnosis and practical steps/ recommendations for her, us, and her school to support her going forward as a young autistic person. Excellent follow-up support and therapy as well.”

“Coming to this assessment in my mid-30s, I really didn’t know what to expect – or whether the results would even be helpful to me at this age. But Rebecca and Louise were incredibly supportive and welcoming, so that any anxiety I might have had quickly evaporated on meeting them. And, discovering that I had an ASC has been quite a revelation for me – it’s like a key, that has allowed me to finally start making sense of lots of past issues, as well as developing conscious strategies to improve my life in future. I’m sure this is a journey that I’ll be on for a while yet – and I’m very grateful to Autism Unravelled for helping me through those first steps.”

“Throughout the assessment process the team at Autism Unravelled went out of their way to make sure our emotional needs were well looked after as well as providing a smooth, stress-free service. We found the assessment and recommendations to be extremely thoughtful and thorough and the ADOS assessment itself was an extremely positive experience. I can’t thank all of you enough. I feel as though I now have a much better understanding of, my child’s behaviour and I now feel better equipped to support him.”

“Finally, my life makes sense.”

“It was a great experience and was incredibly friendly. It was less stressful than I had originally thought and was good overall.”

We are committed to Valuing Differences and Harnessing Strengths

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