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Individuals, parents & carers

Our Neurodiversity Unravelled team provides assessments, therapy and training to children, young people and adults.

We deliver evidence-based practice in a caring manner to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients and their community.

We provide individually tailored support for children, young people, and families on their journey. We understand that people’s needs change over time and as such they may need an up-to-date evaluation of their current strengths and challenges depending on their environment, e.g. school, university or the workplace.


- Adults, parents & carers -


We offer a range of assessments including diagnosis of ASC and ADHD, cognitive functioning, mental health, speech, language and communication.

- Adults, parents & carers -


We offer individualised therapeutic input to support young people and adults with autism, ADHD and other co-occurring conditions (including low mood and anxiety).

- Adults, parents & carers -


We work alongside individuals to support families, partners and friends to understand neurodiversity and take a neuro-affirmative approach to enable the individual to thrive.

We are committed to Valuing Differences and Harnessing Strengths

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